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A Bouqs Gift Trio helps you send the gift of farm-fresh flowers for 3 months with free shipping on weekday deliveries (up to $75 savings). Whether you want flowers delivered to yourself or to someone else as a gift, our Trio allows you to customize aspects of your deliveries including:

  • Where your flowers are delivered
  • Your 1st delivery date (2nd and 3rd deliveries will match this date)
  • Your preferred designer collection (whether you want the heartiest volcano roses, classic arrangements, or maybe you prefer the best seasonal variety at the farms).


About one week before your flowers ship you will receive an email preview of your next delivery. If everything looks good, you’re set.  If you want to change the Bouq or update your recipient you can do it all with just a few clicks.

Bouqs Gift Trios are for 3 months of consecutive deliveries and since you pay in full when ordering, Trios do not require you  to cancel. 

To see our Gift Trio options, click here. 

If you'd like to pay as you go and control the duration of your deliveries, learn about our Subscriptions here.


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