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Since we work with FedEx to deliver most of our farm-fresh Bouqs, signing up for the FedEx Delivery Manager is a helpful way to provide updates and submit requests to your courier.

We recommend using the FedEx Delivery Manager to handle things like:

  • Provide delivery instructions (i.e. leave on front porch)
  • Provide locating instructions (i.e. suite 304 on 3rd floor)

If your order has not shipped yet and you need to change the delivery address or date, it’s best to first check whether there is time to cancel your current order and recreate it with your preferences/updates. This is the most reliable way to ensure your delivery meets your criteria.

For orders that have shipped, providing notes/updates/requests through the delivery manager can help the courier out however, requests for a different address may delay the arrival of your flowers 1-2 days. Many of our Bouqs can stay fresh during this time, depending in large part on the flower variety and season. FedEx trusts its drivers to keep packages safe; they give them the final say on whether to leave a package or not.

If you have any concerns you’d like to discuss, feel free to reach out to our customer support team so we can best advise according to your situation.  

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