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Please reference our Care Instructions below. If you have any further care questions regarding your order, please reach out to help@thebouqs.com.



  • Open your box and carefully remove each arrangement. Each piece will be tied down to the box. Open the straps and take the designs out of the box.
  • Give all stems a fresh cut before placing them in water. We suggest a diagonal cut to prevent the stems from lying flat on the bottom of the vase and to leave a space for water to be absorbed. This step should take roughly 20 minutes depending on the size of your package.
  • There is no need to store the flowers in a cooler. We recommend keeping them between 40-65 degrees, out of direct sunlight, and away from air vents.
  • We suggest keeping boxes for transportation. You can reuse the boxes the designs came in to transport them to your venue.



  • Bouquets should be placed in individual vases or mason jars with 2-3 inches of cool water. If your stem is longer than the ribbon, trim the stem a bit to meet the edge of the ribbon.
  • Carefully remove any netting or plastic covering over flowers.



  • Place the boutonnieres in 1-2 inches of cool water. They are also safe to be stored in the refrigerator if this provides more convenience.
  • Please make sure the entire boutonniere stem is wrapped in tape and ribbon. If you have excess stem on your boutonniere, trim the stem until it meets the edge of the ribbon.
  • They will arrive with more greenery than is needed to wear. Remove stems as necessary.



  • Cut stems at a 45-degree angle and place flowers in 3-4 inches of cool water. We suggest a diagonal cut to prevent the stems from lying flat on the bottom of the vase and to leave a space for water to be absorbed.
  • You will need to cut the centerpieces to fit your vase.
  • We recommend using a 5x5 bubble vase to hold these designs.


Loose Flower Petals

  • Loose petals can be stored in their bag in the refrigerator. 



  • Step 1: Prepare Buckets, Vases, etc., with about 3 inches of cool water. (Every 5 Gallon Bucket holds 50-100 flowers).
  • Step 2: Unbox immediately upon arrival, Trim stems 1/4 inch, let flowers rest in water for 12-24 hours. Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. **Roses come in packs of 25. They are packed in two rows with only one row being visible before unwrapping.**
  • Step 3: Remove leaves and guard petals, trim to the appropriate height, and create!
    Checkout our DIY Tutorial Video
    Removing Guard Petals


Care Tips

  • Ranunculus and mini Callas should be set aside in their own water. Their stems are very weak and will need vases with only about 2in. of water instead of buckets.
  • Succulents should be placed in a small dish of no more than a ¼ inch of water- these stems should not be placed in large amounts of water or they may drown.
  • There should not be any leaves below the water line.
  • We recommend creating an assembly line. Have 1-2 people stripping the leaves/thorns then pass the flowers to another person to remove the guard petals and cut at a 45-degree angle.


Assembly Tips & Sourcing Tips



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