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A Bouqs credit is stored in your account so you can easily check its balance and retrieve its unique code for payment.

To view your credit:

Log into your Bouqs account then go to My Account > Payment Methods section.

Your promotional credit/s will be listed near the bottom.

Note: Only one credit can be used per order. 

To use your credit:

  • Copy the unique code and make sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end of the code as the system will think this is an extra digit.
  • Proceed to the Payment Information page
  • Click on the "+Apply Code"
  • Paste the code in the Gift Cards and Credits field - Please note that this code won't work if placed in the "Promo Code" field. 



  • The value of your credit will be applied to your order in the form of a Gift Card and the balance of your order will be charged to your preferred payment method. If the value of your credit exceeds your order total, the remaining value can be applied toward a future order. Screen_Shot_2022-06-02_at_11.57.02_AM.png
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