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Your Bouq is either cut fresh from our sustainable farms or delivered on demand by one of our artisan florists.

Our farm Bouqs will arrive in branded boxes, designed to keep the flowers safe during their journey. Included in the box are flower care instructions, a gift card, a vase if ordered, and of course your flowers. 

Depending on the size of the arrangement, flowers will arrive in 1 (original), 2 (deluxe), or 3 (grand) bunches inside the box. Simply trim and arrange the flowers with fresh water, then watch them blossom!

They’re cut at the farms in bud-form and packaged without water tubes to prevent early blooming. This way, you or your recipient will have them for their entire vase life.


Bouqs which are fulfilled by our florist partners will arrive in a branded, eco-friendly paper cones or a vase, if purchased. The flowers will be in full bloom and arranged with a designer’s touch.


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