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For the time being, you are unable to make any edits once an order has been placed. If your order has not yet been prepped for shipping, then you may cancel your existing order and create a new order with the desired changes. (If you are a subscriber looking to manage your subscription order go here.)

Before doing this, please:

  • Check if the Bouq you want is still available for your desired delivery date. Keep in mind that orders must be placed by 11 am PST to be eligible for next-day delivery.
  • Before attempting to change your order, verify its status to ensure it isn’t currently being prepped or en route. If it has reached either of these stages, it is too far along in the process to be canceled.
    • Unfortunately, we are unable to reroute an order to a different address if it is too far in the process to be canceled. However, FedEx Delivery Manager may be an option depending on the recipient's address. You can find more information about it here


  • Cancellable                                      


  • Not cancellable


  • Not cancellable



To cancel and replace your Bouq:

  1. Log into your Bouqs account here and navigate to "Orders" under the account icon at the top right of the screen
  2. Navigate to your order and select “Order Details"


3. If your order can be canceled, a Cancel button will be available to stop the order

4. Your order will be canceled and refunded (please allow anywhere from 3-5 business days for the refund to process)

5. Place a new order

Please note that Bouqs shipping from our South American farms have longer lead times, so an order typically cannot be modified within six days of the delivery date.


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