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Firstly, we sincerely apologize for the late delivery of your Bouq. We know timing is oftentimes just as important as the flowers themselves and when we miss the mark, we need to make things right.

Please note that FedEx delivery times are 5PM for orders labeled as Business/Work address and 8PM for home addresses.

If your Bouq is coming from a farm, you may track it to view its updated delivery date. Since we pack our flowers to endure a long transit, chances are they’ll arrive in prime condition even with a 1-2 day delay. Of course, they’ll need water and care according to the instructions packed with them, but within a few hours to a couple days, your flowers should be looking vibrant and cheerful. 

Your Package may be held by FedEx if they feel it is unsafe to the leave the package or they are unable to access the delivery location. 

Please contact us so we can provide a resolution that best suits your situation and needs.



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