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For care instructions specific to your flowers, please visit our Flower Care page.

General Tips:

Because our flowers come straight from the source and are minimally handled, they will often arrive in bud form. At first, they may appear pretty green, small, floppy, and even sometimes might look dead but are really just dehydrated. This is totally normal! 

By following the care instructions on the box, your Bouq will bloom open beautifully; clip the stems, pull off most of the outside leaves, place them in water, and watch them come into their own.  A few best practices:

  • Ensure your vase is the right height for the flowers
  • Trim off 1 inch of the stem at a 45 degree angle
  • Flowers with thick stems (like Tulips and Calla Lilies) absorb water quickly, so don't overfill the vase- 2 inches of water is all you need!
  • Sunflowers will arrive closed, but perk up quickly with the right amount of sun
  • Change the water every two days

 Avoid these mistakes with your fresh flowers

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