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The Bouqs Company does not require a signature, but FedEx will sometimes require that recipients sign for International shipments. If your Bouq is coming from one of our South American farms, FedEx may ask for a signature.

You also have the option to sign for the package online. To do so, use your FedEx tracking number, which can be found on your order page, and track the package on FedEx.com. Once you have located your order, select the "Sign for Package" option.

Often, with signature release, FedEx will leave the flowers if someone is not there to accept them. FedEx trusts its drivers to keep packages safe; they give them the final say on whether to leave a package or not. FedEx wants to make sure nothing happens to your Bouq if someone is not there to accept the order. You may also sign up for the FedEx Management tool to leave notes and instructions for your driver. 

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